Welcome to the BRAVA Voice Talent Database.

Each of the voice actors listed here have been trained or work very closely with BRAVA and are all professional voice actors.  


For casting calls, please fill out our casting call form here and we will pass on your requirements to all of our talent who will then get in touch with you directly if they can help. You may also send an email to info@brava.uk.com with any additional information.


Sinead Garvan

Well known BBC R1 voice with a cheeky, quirky sound that sits easily within the youth market. 

Sample audio

Adam Hopton

British Male VO with a light West Mids accent. Fresh, personable and youthful sound.

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Becky Graham.jpeg

Becky Graham

Young, chatty & friendly sound. Highly experienced continuity announcer.

Sample audio

Amy Faal Sleath

UK RP & Neutral with a London hint. Also delivers localised West African accents. 

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Pete Eaton Headshot .jpeg

Pete Eaton

Neutral British accent delivering a straightforward, guy-next-door style.

Sample audio

Helen Liston

Reassuring warm & friendly voice with a light West Mids lilt. 

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Kate Constance

Friendly and direct, with an authentic light West Country lilt, Kate is Bristol born and bred, with a wealth of experience across broadcast radio and the charity and wellness sectors.

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Kerry Hutchinson

Clear, smooth and direct, Kerry has over 16 years’ experience as a professional voice actor, with a military background.

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Savannah Betts

Clear, youthful and friendly with a global, Mid Atlantic sound.

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Sally Bailey

Strong, warm, clear, friendly & genuine, with bags of experience. Clients include Pukka, BBC, Costa, Superdrug and Sky.

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Chris Serle Headshot.jpeg

Chris Serle

Rich, wise and experienced with over 40 years' experience across broadcast TV & radio.

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poppy charlton.JPG

Poppy Charlton

Trained actor with a natural, youthful sound - innocent, quirky, girl next door.

Sample audio

Sarah Jupp

Warm, authoritative and confident British Female VO.

Sample audio

Kate Donnelly

British Female VO with a neutral British accent and a voice as smooth as silk.  

Sample audio

James Reckhouse

Distinguished British RP Male voice. 

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Dan Mellins-Cohen

Clear, compelling voice with a wonderfully expressive range, Very experienced in complex terminologies.

Sample audio

Kate Howard

 Straight-up, credible style, perfect for corporate narration.

Sample audio

Alice Ritson

British Female VO - youthful, calm and trustworthy.

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