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James Ewen

Natural West Country accent with a laid back style

With a natural West Country accent, James has a clear, direct delivery. A deeply creative individual - he has a passion for music, songwriting and a deep knowledge of film, having run his own company CineMe in Bristol for many years. He produces and presents the podcast, Your Take, where he has interviewed over 100 well known musicians and creatives about their careers.

As a previous commercial radio producer, James has excellent recording and editing skills and brings a deep understanding of the advertising industry to his current work as a VO. Based in Bristol with a fully equipped studio.

Narration Reel
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West Country UK, British RP


Cool, calm, laid back, dry


Bristol Academy of Voice Acting (BRAVA)

Audio Samples

Narration reel
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00:00 / 01:31


To book James, contact or fill in our casting database form. Or drop him a line direct via email:

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