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BRAVA works with students of all ages and abilities, from beginners through advanced. We specialise in training professionals from a wide range of disciplines, including acting, broadcast, advertising and the wider creative industries, wishing to add voiceover to their skillset. 


If you are a complete beginner, we ask that you apply to work with us by audition. We will be in touch with details on how to submit. Please note, there is an audition fee of £48 (inc. VAT).

This is an intensive 10 week course on the art and business of voiceover. Sessions are held weekly and introduce students to the VO landscape, genres, styles, home studio, performance techniques, demos and business skills. They are bespoke to each individual, depending on your needs ,and often serve as an in-depth refresher for advanced voice actors who wish to deepen their craft.

After completion of this course, you may move on to Intermediate or Advanced sessions.


For follow-on Talent or those with prior experience in VO, as well as the option to take the 10 Week Intensive above, we offer bespoke sessions with our experienced team. These are tailored to your needs and may include anything from the curriculum below. 


All training is offered online as personalised 1-1s or group sessions and may cover the following:


  • Getting Started in VO

  • Commercial, Character & Narration

  • Characters - animation, toys & video games 

  • Audiobooks

  • Performance Techniques

  • Acting & Improv

  • Home Studio

  • Demos

  • Marketing Your Brand 

  • Vocal Health 

  • Singing

  • VO & Shakespeare

  • Presentation & Communication Skills

  • Business & Finance 


We also run several Masterclasses throughout the year which you can attend even if you're a beginner. Learn more here. 

Once you've completed these Core Modules and Acting Stages 1-4, you'll be eligible to apply for a Spotlight Performers Membership. Learn more here.

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