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Kerry Hutchinson

Clear, smooth and direct, Kerry has over 16 years’ experience.

Ex-military, he has lived and worked in Europe and had the honour of serving with the US Marine Corps on combat operations three times in Afghanistan in the mid-2000s. This international experience brings authenticity to his vocal work.

As a training officer in the RAF, Kerry has produced a large amount of e-learning content for his client. As a voice actor, he is experienced across corporate, commercial and narration and can deliver a range of accents with ease, including General American, German, Indian and Russian.

He currently lives in Devon and works from his pro digital-quality home studio.

Narration Reel
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Yorkshire, British RP, Neutral


Authoritative, Military, Corporate


Bristol Academy of Voice Acting (BRAVA)

Audio Samples

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Commercial reel
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Characters reel
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00:00 / 01:31


To book Kerry, contact or fill in our casting database form. Or drop him a line direct via email:

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