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Vocal Health: An Introduction

BRAVA vocal health expert, Gary Owston, introduces us to the main considerations when looking after your voice.

Your instrument

Your voice is a wonderfully versatile, expressive, robust instrument. It needs to last a career-lifetime. Some necessary knowledge, simple explanations and easy exercises can help you achieve this.

The two major considerations in vocal health are: what physical equipment do you have and how do you use it?

Your equipment

The primary equipment is:

  • Breathing Muscles - providing breath energy, support, stamina Vocal Folds (or cords) - providing the means to initiate a sound

  • Resonating areas of the body - providing amplification chambers and vibration (noise) potential

The secondary equipment is:

  • Articulation muscles - providing speech

  • Frequency modulators - providing dynamics

Nothing too much

This Ancient Greek maxim is the main key consideration when using your vocal equipment - in other words finding a balance and optimising your vocal production. Other factors such as resonance, articulation and frequency are not so crucial but nonetheless have to be considered.

Masterclass: Intro to Vocal Health

We’ll take a look at these considerations and more in our upcoming vocal health masterclass. Gary will help you explore your breathing muscles, vocal folds, resonators, articulators, modulators and more.

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