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A 3-week introduction to looking after your voice with leading vocal health expert, Gary Owston.

Your voice is a wonderfully versatile, expressive, robust instrument. It needs to last a career-lifetime. Some necessary knowledge, simple explanations and easy exercises can help you achieve this. 

Your equipment


The main key factor in using your vocal equipment safely adheres to the ancient Greek maxim: “Nothing Too Much”. In other words finding a balance and optimising your vocal production. 

These are the main factors in getting it right. Other factors such as Resonance, Articulation, Frequency are not so crucial but nonetheless have to be considered. 

We will look at these considerations and more in our BRAVA Intro to Vocal Health masterclass. Together with leading vocal health expert, Gary Owston, you will explore your breathing muscles, vocal folds, resonators, articulators & modulators. 

Your Teacher

Gary trained as an actor and graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts at The Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in 1985. He went on to enjoy a successful career as an actor, appearing in Shakespeare at the London Old Vic, regional theatres and TV.  


Gary gained a national diploma in Voice Studies at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London in 1991. He worked as a voice coach and actor for two years in America. Read a little more about Gary here.

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Masterclass Overview:

These sessions will cover the following: 

Week 1 

  • Physicality
. How you use your body: are there any areas that you overuse or use with too much tension? 

  • Diaphragmatic breathing. 
In everyday activities we only use about 15% of the breath energy available to us. Using the large central diaphragm muscle will increase capacity and vocal stamina

  • Your Voice
. Check your personal voice, explore your current vocal health and questions. 

Week 2


  • Vocal Onset
. This is how your vocal cords turn breath into sound and is a very important process to get right.

  • Laryngeal operation
. Your larynx houses your vocal cords, giving support and strength. Too much tension here will cause the vocal cords to overwork. This is where most vocal problems come from. It is very important to operate the larynx correctly. 


Week 3


  • Using your Voice. 
Projection, “Losing my Voice” and Clarity

  • Wrap Up
. Check on correct understanding and application of the exercises; and: your final questions

You will need loose fitting clothing (for breathing exercises) and writing materials.

Next class: to be arranged

This Vocal Health Masterclass is three sessions from 6-7pm each day, one week apart. There will be some homework to complete between the sessions and ongoing support during the three weeks.

All sessions will take place on Zoom. Limited to a maximum of 12 students. 

Cost: £120 (3 x 1hr sessions and support)

If you'd like to know as soon as we arrange a date for this masterclass, please subscribe by clicking below. 

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