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Developing Your Character Playbook

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

We are thrilled to be offering a 6-week character intensive character class & demo prep with VO expert, Elaine Clark, dialling in direct from San Francisco.

Character voice acting is a business

It’s more than doing funny voices. Your character needs to be specific to each genre, style, audience appeal, and technical performance requirement. Auditions and jobs leave little or no time to develop a character. To prep your character demo, you need time to build a stable of 5-10 characters that you can quickly draw from and build upon.

Class aims

The goal of this workshop is to prepare and refine your character playbook for a demo, audition, and job. Each week we’ll explore a specific style of character to include on your voiceover demo and launch your career. This is a fast paced workshop with homework assignments. So, be prepared to play!

Weekly class overview:

Class 1: Techniques, Genres, Overview, and Expectations Posture, Stance, Layering Multiple Personality Traits, Letter Focus, Location, and Movement.

- Assign Cartoon Homework Assignment.

Class 2: Cartoons for Kids, Youth, and Adults Animation discussion and homework review. Refine situation, voice, and action for the 3 different age groups.

- Assign Anime and Toy Homework.

Class 3: Anime and Toys Perform and adjust Anime Character homework. Perform with direction and adjustments on the Toy voice character homework.

- Assign Video Game homework.

Class 4: Video Game Review the game genres. Discuss the 1-5 intensity levels. Create situations and build out the stories. Rehearse and refine the scripts.

- Assign Age-Range and Accents homework.

Class 5: Perform an Age and Accent other than your Own Perform homework and make adjustments for the various character styles.

- Homework Final: Make a list of the characters you performed in class and the short 1-3 line script. Practice at home and be prepared to perform all the characters back-to-back in the final class.

Class 6: Character Styles for Demo Each actor performs their characters, demonstrating the unique style, tempo, voice, voice placement, attitude, audience, and genre that is specific to each character.

Class size is limited to 12max so to reserve and book your place below:

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