A 6-week intensive ‘Introduction to Characters’ class with VO expert Elaine Clark - dialling in direct from San Francisco.

Character voice acting is a business


It’s more than doing funny voices.  Your character needs to be specific to each genre, style, audience appeal, and technical performance requirement. Auditions and jobs leave little or no time to develop a character. 

Class aims


The goal of this Masterclass is to introduce you to the world of voicing characters. Each week we’ll explore a specific style of character and discuss what it means to create a character voiceover demo and launch your career.  

This is a fast paced workshop with homework assignments.  So, be prepared to play!

“I was completely unaware of VO and the extent to how big the industry is. From just the first lesson of this Character course, it definitely is something which I find exciting.”

- J.W (student of the Character Masterclass)

Your Teacher

Elaine A. Clark has been acting, producing, casting, and directing video game, toy, animation, and anime VO for over 40 years. 


Elaine has voiced hundreds of commercials, narrations and toys, directed and/or performed in close to 100 video games and a couple of Anime series (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Saikano); looped several movies, including Super 8, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Master and Titan A.E.; and recorded a dozen or so audiobooks featuring her voice, book authors and celebrities. Read a little more about Elaine here.

Elaine Clark.jpeg

“The confidence you gain knowing you’re working with a real, seasoned professional. You never doubt that Elaine knows what she’s talking about!

- Poppy C. (student of the Character Masterclass)

Masterclass Overview:

Class 1:  Techniques, Genres, Overview, and Expectations

Class 2:  Cartoons for Kids, Youth, and Adults 

Class 3:  Anime and Toys 

Class 4:  Video Game 

Class 5:  Perform an Age and Accent other than your Own 

Class 6:  Character Styles for Demo

“I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot. I was so nervous at the start of the course but the group was so fantastic and supportive it helped me get over the nerves and I'm so proud of my final piece of homework!”

- Adam H. (student of the Character Masterclass)

“The Masterclass helped me let go of inhibitions when it comes to voice acting and opened my eyes to a whole other world of VO I can explore.”

- Sinead G. (student of the Character Masterclass)

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