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27th April 2023, 6pm-7pm

Intro to VO (Voiceover) Free Talk

Have you always been interested in learning VO, but don’t know where to start? Then this event is for you.


This 1hr free session with BRAVA founder, Melissa Thom, will talk you through the main things to consider when starting out in VO, including trends, the industry, demos, key challenges, our training programme here at BRAVA and much more.

Melissa will talk for around 45mins and there’ll be a 15 minute Q&A at the end, so please come armed with all your questions!

It's free to attend but please register below on Eventbrite.

Here's what some previous attendees said about this VO taster session...

“Very informative and supportive! I attended taster sessions online before (not BRAVA) and they are long ad reads but this is completely different! Really enjoyed the QandA at the end to allow for any questions.”

- S.T. 26.01.2023

“I've always had an interest in acting as a whole and have always been tempted by seeing if VO would be a skill that I could explore or even have a good knack for would be for me. But I've never been able to find out where to go to look into it more. Until this came my way.”

- A. H. 26.01.2023

“It was great hearing the industry of Voice Over and Acting expanded upon in a digestible way as well as be encouraged to pursue the area.”

- C.F. 26.01.2023

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