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ACT II: Classical Acting

starts 16 Apr, Bristol

About the Masterclass

Following the Act I: ScriptAnalysis and Scene Study’ course, which explored the works of Pinter and Chekhov through the lens of seminal acting practitioner, Stanislavski, and his method, Act II will be based around classical text; largely, but not exclusively, focusing on the works of Shakespeare.

The course will offer the following core elements described briefly below:

  • A continuation of acting basics for stage, stagecraft and vocal Interpretation.

  • Detailed text analysis of classical plays and scenes therein

  • A full introduction to the style in which Shakespeare and his contemporaries wrote.

  • The opportunity to work intimately on monologues, duologues or group scenes from world famous plays.

And a blueprint of…

  • How to approach the text in order to understand it

  • The basic techniques an actor deploys in order to speak the language simply and clearly.

  • How to a bring a play’s inner themes and meanings to life.

  • How to make them manifest from page to stage in a safe and fun environment.

Your Trainer

Chris Donnelly

Chris has over 25 years' acting experience and has appeared in over 30 radio dramas for BBC R4 and on UK TV shows, including Silent Witness, Casualty, Fat Friends and Eastenders.

Chris has also appeared consistently in leading contemporary roles, in London, in rep and various tours and taught acting and improv at his alma mater, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, for many years. 

Chris Donnelly


Dates: 16 Apr - 18 Jun 2024 (9 Weeks); 3hr class, every Tuesday from 6:30-9:30pm

Location: Redland Church Hall

Cost: £432 inc. VAT (£48 per class)

12 People Max

(**please note, there are no classes on 28 May**)

If you are interested in attending, please email us at

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