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ACT II: Classical Acting - A Vital Foundation for Voice Actors

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About the Masterclass

We are so excited to continue our in-person acting classes in Bristol with ACT II: Classical Acting - A Vital Foundation for Voice Actors.

Immerse yourself in the world of classical text, with a special emphasis on the works of Shakespeare, and discover how classical acting techniques can elevate your voice acting career. This course is designed not only for stage actors but is uniquely beneficial for voice actors seeking to deepen their vocal expression and interpretation skills.

What You’ll Gain:

Advanced Vocal Interpretation - Learn to navigate the complexities of classical texts, perfecting your vocal delivery and enhancing your ability to convey emotion and depth through your voice, a crucial skill for voice actors in any medium.

Textual Mastery for Voice Actors - Engage in detailed analysis of classical plays, focusing on the linguistic richness that can be applied directly to voice acting, from audio dramas to animated characters.

Shakespearean Techniques for the Modern Voice - Dive into the poetic elegance of Shakespeare and his contemporaries to discover vocal techniques that bring clarity, power, and nuance to your voice work.

Practical Experience with Classical Texts - Whether through monologues, duologues, or group scenes, you'll practice vocal techniques that are directly transferable to voice acting, enhancing your ability to bring written words to vibrant life.

Foundational Skills for Voice Actors - Understand how to approach complex texts, use basic techniques to speak language with simplicity and clarity, and evoke a play’s themes and meanings—all through the power of your voice.

Safe and Fun Learning Environment - Transform text into compelling voice performances under the guidance of an experienced professional in a supportive setting.

Here is what some of our Act I Students had to say about the class:

"So much fun! This is the first in-person class in my entire life that I've not felt anxious about going to; the environment is warm, inviting, and absolutely silly. I've loved it."

"Chris is truly a master and is incredibly engaging in his teaching methods."

Your Trainer

Chris Donnelly

Chris has over 25 years' acting experience and has appeared in over 30 radio dramas for BBC R4 and on UK TV shows, including Silent Witness, Casualty, Fat Friends and Eastenders.

Chris has also appeared consistently in leading contemporary roles, in London, in rep and various tours and taught acting and improv at his alma mater, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, for many years. 

Chris Donnelly


Whether you’re aiming to refine your vocal technique, seeking new ways to engage with text, or looking to expand your range as a voice actor, this course offers invaluable tools and insights to help you succeed.

Join us to bridge the gap between classical acting and voice acting, enhancing your versatility and mastery of your craft.

Dates: Started on16 Apr and running until 18 Jun 2024 (9 Weeks); 3hr class, every Tuesday from 6:30-9:30pm

Location: Redland Church Hall

Cost: £432 inc. VAT (£48 per class)

12 People Max

(**please note, there are no classes on 28 May**)

If you are interested in attending the next class, please email us at or join the waiting list below.

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