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Savannah Betts

"BRAVA is a great investment in yourself."

Savannah contacted BRAVA as a trained actor and Mocap Performer, wanting to improve and extend her VO skillset. With a clear, youthful, global Mid Atlantic sound, Savannah grew up to a German mother and South African father in multicultural Hong Kong. She is also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and we worked together to tighten up her proposition and work on her marketing messages.

Savannah said:

[BRAVA] is a great investment in yourself. I am much more confident now. I knew things before, but now I understand them and feel truly confident to say I know what I'm doing. I also feel confident in requesting the industry standard rates and not undermining myself. I loved working with Melissa. She's incredibly insightful, talented, and has a great attitude. She was so incredibly supportive, which really helped with my confidence throughout the course.

Melissa said:

Savannah is a really talented actor and quite simply, a delight to work with. She can perform across all VO genres with ease, including corporate, commercial and gaming, and with a wide range of accents and styles. She is the perfect choice for a global, mid-Atlantic or GenAm sound, and is a consummate professional.

Clients VO - Honda


VO - Apptamin

VO - Sound Film Studio

VO - Ambrrr

Savannah Betts
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