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Sarah Jupp

"Melissa's training during furlough sparked my career change."

Sarah came to BRAVA with a very focused aim to work on Narration and so took Stage 1 of our core modules. We worked together on VO performance theory and technique, giving Sarah a complete overview of the industry, as well as helping her to firm up her proposition in the sustainability, advertising and charity sectors - areas in which she has considerable professional experience. Sarah’s VO clients include Bank of Ireland UK and NHS Bristol, Bath, Somerset and South Gloucestershire, SpaceTV on YouTube, Nisbets and the Soil Association.

Sarah said:

I contemplated a change of career direction whilst being on long-term furlough during the COVID pandemic. Melissa was polished, knowledgable and gave me a thorough grounding in the basic aspects of the industry, the technical set up and how to navigate narration scripts, giving me a little flavour of some of the other aspects of VO too. It felt holistic. I thought the quality and delivery of information was really useful and I love recording the homework between sessions and talking about it together - that was really useful.

Melissa said:

Sarah has total commitment, lots of talent and the ability to take direction beautifully in the studio. Sarah’s calm, assured and straight-up style, together with her experience and no nonsense attitude means she is the perfect voice for corporate clients, particularly in the sustainability and charity sectors. She is a complete professional and a dream to work with.

Clients: Bank of Ireland UK


VO - SpaceTV

VO - Nisbets

VO - Soil Association

VO - Island Tea & Coffee Co.

VO - Lambert Trubicon

Sarah Jupp
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