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Becky Taylor

“After training with BRAVA, I was armed with such a good foundation of industry knowledge that I felt confident in going forwards and getting bookings.”

Becky said:

I’d been interested in becoming a voice actor for over 10 years, when a former colleague first mentioned she had narrated some audiobooks. It came up again and again with people I knew, and then in 2023 I saw a LinkedIn Post from another BRAVA talent, who I’d worked with briefly at the BBC. She was singing the praises of BRAVA and it felt like a sign - so I dashed off an enquiry to BRAVA and I’m so glad I did!

Melissa is so generous with her industry knowledge, but more than that, she is an absolute cheerleader of those she works with and I found that so inspiring. Not only does she take the time to get to know you during the one-to-one training, in order to best serve you and your unique interests and personality, but she creates a community of fellow BRAVA voice actors that is really welcoming. It feels like everyone wants everyone to succeed and there really is room for everyone!

Training with BRAVA has been just perfect. You can watch all the YouTube videos in the world, but nothing beats one-to-one training, and Melissa is really skilled at getting the best out of you. It was daunting at first, to be out of my comfort zone doing voice over reads on the spot, but they quickly became my favourite parts of the session and Melissa’s live feedback is priceless in terms of developing your VO skill.

I had some knowledge of broadcasting audio quality having worked in radio at the BBC, but I had no idea of the layers of complexity of truly becoming a good voice actor. It really is not as simple as ‘just reading something’ as some might think!

After training with Melissa, I was armed with such a good foundation of industry knowledge that meant I felt confident in going forwards and getting bookings. BRAVA taught me about the different voice acting niches, how agents work, how to navigate P2P sites, tech set up & lots more.

Melissa really got to the heart of my unique selling points and that’s something I am carrying forward, rather than trying to be an ‘everything’ voice actress, I’m proud to be niche - a warm, female, 20 - 35, Yorkshire voice! I couldn’t quite believe it, but my first booking was for a Christmas TV ad! I’ve loved getting started and cutting my teeth with real jobs and honing my voice acting as I go. I want to keep learning and enjoying lending my voice to all sorts of projects. I’d love to voice audiobooks (as I’m a book nerd) and I’m keen to tackle some medical reads for the challenge of the technical jargon!

The 3 words I'd use to describe my overall experience of working with BRAVA are: Inspiring. Empowering. Fun.

Melissa said:

‘Becky is a creative powerhouse, with extensive professional experience across a wide range of sectors, including radio, podcasting, publishing, marketing, celebrity management and more. Adding VO to her skillset was a natural thing to do. She is a fast learner and a consummate professional and we cannot wait to hear more from her as her VO career progresses.’


  • The Works - Christmas 2023 TV ad

  • University of Salford - Staff e-learning

  • Leeds Museums & Galleries - ‘Sarah Herbert’, a 1800s milk maid 

  • The Copper Cow - IVR/telephone

  • Premier Travel - IVR/telephone

  • Private client - EFL e-learning content

Becky Taylor
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