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Adam Hopton

"BRAVA has unlocked something in me that I’m so proud of."

Adam came to BRAVA with a lifelong dream of working as a voice actor and committed 100% to the training. He worked on our Narration, Commercial and Characters intensives, attended our in-person Masterclasses and took to the craft like a complete natural. We worked on making bold choices and brought out his natural West Mids Accent - something that booked him his very first VO job after training with us. Adam’s VO clients now include GiffGaff, the University of Bristol, Thrive West Northants and Skills Base.

Adam said:

[Studying with BRAVA] has given me a wave of confidence in my ability that I never had before. Melissa explains everything so clearly and thoroughly [and] knows when to nurture you and when to push you. I never thought I’d say this in my life, but I loved doing homework! I found it so interesting to learn about all the kinds of voiceover work there is, that I never would have realised before. It was also so good to learn about the business behind VO. It’s not just standing in a booth making funny voices, there’s a lot of important behind the scenes work you need to be aware of.

I’ve always felt quite a creative person, but this course helped unlock and focus my creativity. I’m honestly loving every second of it and I’m so glad I reached out to BRAVA. I didn’t know I could do this and BRAVA has unlocked something in me that I’m so proud of. Thank you.

Melissa said:

Adam is a complete joy to work with - he now has an incredible range of character voices and is a very experienced corporate narrator now. He is a total professional and it has been a joy to support him on his dream to becoming a voice actor. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.


VO - Bristol University

VO - Skillsbase

VO - GiffGaff

VO - Thrive Northants

Adam Hopton
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