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Brand new BRAVA podcast launches for 2024

We are thrilled to launch our BRAVA podcast, HIGH NOTES, today - a new show with conversations on the art and business of voice.

BRAVA founder & CEO, Melissa Thom, chats to seasoned voice industry professionals about their extensive careers and experiences. From Mongolian throat singing to video game acting and directing and everything in between, HIGH NOTES offers you a glimpse of the magic that can happen either in front of or behind the microphone. 

Episode 1 features Melissa's talk on Getting Started: An Intro to VO - aimed at beginners and those yet to take their first steps into VO coaching.

Episode 2 features a conversation with Melissa and Extreme Voicing expert, Sebastien Crouteau, who discuss his fascinating career as a Mongolian, Tibetan and Inuit throat singer, death metal artist and video game creature and monster sounds expert.

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