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Sound Advice: How to build a business by teaching your craft

BRAVA Founder, Melissa Thom, sat down with multi-national software enterprise, SAGE, recently on their podcast, Sound Advice: Entrepreneurs Unfiltered.

The podcast

The award-winning Sound Advice podcast is the place to go for answers. Season one talked about how to make your business financially successful – in year one and beyond. Writing a business plan that works, finding your first customer, starting up with zero capital, and being tax compliant—you name it, they covered it. On season two, they’re digging even deeper into what it’s really like to run a business, with unfiltered advice and real, human stories from successful founders and CEOs.

Teaching the craft

In this episode, Melissa lifts the lid on how to build a business by pursuing your passion, the importance of craft, and much more.

Have a listen here:

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