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Judging at the 2021 Voice Arts Awards

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

BRAVA Founder, Melissa Thom is delighted to announce that she will be a Judge for the 2021 Voice Arts Awards, which will be live streamed from the Guggenheim Museum in NYC later this year.

The Society of Voice Arts and Scientists (SOVAS) work tirelessly on behalf of the international voice industry, and the Awards bring us together in recognition and celebration of our work.

Past winners include Sigourney Weaver, Nancy Cartwright and Mark Hamill.

Thanks to SOVAS founders Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins for the invite. Melissa can’t wait to hear what sonic delights will be on offer this year. ⁠

For anyone interested in submitting work in the Voice Arts® Awards, contact Melissa and the team.

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