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How AI is disrupting the world of voiceover

BRAVA CEO and founder, Melissa Thom was asked to share her views on how AI is disrupting the world of voiceover for Arts Professional recently.

AI has been around for some time, and has already gone through several hype cycles, but in the last year or so, it finally seems like the technology has captured our attention. Where previously AI has been confined to the inscrutable side of business - data crunching and opaque social media algorithms - generative AI (gen AI) provides services that build on human creativity. From writing prose, creating artwork and producing music tracks to generating a completely new performance from a replica of an actor, AI is coming for all of our jobs.

Melissa goes on to discuss the current landscape for gen AI, the ethical issues surrounding it, the importance of human skill and future opportunities. Or is it?

Have a read of the full article in Arts Professional here.

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