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Having the Guts to Change Your Career

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Change is a comin’

The global pandemic has led to many people looking for new challenges and changing their career. In fact, according to research by Microsoft, pandemic pressure has seen a remarkable 1 in 4 people over 45 considering a career change.

We can help

Here at BRAVA we’re empowering and supporting others to do exactly that, when considering VO as a new career.

BRAVA Founder, Melissa Thom, was asked to write a piece for a number of publications on her experience of this - both pre & post pandemic. Here’s the article below, as featured in Industry Leaders this month.

Read the article here:


If you’re interested in finding out more about VO, we’re running a free VO Taster 1-hour session via Zoom on 31stJanuary, 6-7pm.

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