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8 Tips from BRAVA’s Elaine A. Clark on Voicing Character Auditions

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Intro to Characters

We were thrilled to host Elaine A. Clark here at BRAVA last week as she introduced us to the world of characters in our free one hour Voiceover Masterclass. Elaine has been acting, producing, casting, and directing video game, toy, animation, and anime VO for over 40 years.

Elaine’s 8 Tips for voicing character auditions

Here, Elaine guides us through 8 things to consider when voicing and submitting character auditions:

  1. Quickly read through the script or scene.

  2. Define your JOB. Are you the hero, love interest, villain, realist, supporter, comedic relief, aggressor, etc.?

  3. Quit thinking during the performance and start reacting.

  4. Give your imagination permission to play.

  5. Commit physically to the character.

  6. Be willing to make wrong choices.

  7. Deliver a truthful, believable performance in a heightened reality world.

  8. Enjoy the process and character discoveries.

World Class Voiceover Training

We started an in depth 6-week character class with Elaine, live and direct from San Francisco, on 13th October. The students are already excited and throwing themselves in their characters.

“I was completely unaware of VO and the extent to how big the industry is. From just the first lesson of this Character course, it definitely is something which I find exciting. ” J.W

If you're interested in learning more about character voices then please join our mailing list to be the first to hear about up and coming free webinars, events, and training opportunities.

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