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Game & Audiobook Direction, Daniel Jewel

28 Feb 2024, 6-7pm

Explore the world of games and audiobooks with an Oscar-shortlisted director.

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Daniel is a Lead Voice Director for AAA Game Projects for studios including Ubisoft, EA Games, Massive Entertainment and Warner Brothers Interactive. He has worked on games including Skull and Bones, Watchdog Legion (feat. Stormzy), Division 2, Hit 2 and Sea of Solitude.

Daniel has also directed exclusive content and Audiobooks for the Harry Potter Series, including directing the OLIVIER and TONY Award Winning West End Cast of the hit play, The Cursed Child and has directed well known actors including Eddie Redmayne and Helena Bonham-Carter.Daniel will talk about his extensive career to date, sharing insights on what it’s like to work on somme of the most well known AAA video games, and with some of the globe’s most recognised and talented actors.

Join us for a captivating session with Daniel, an Oscar-shortlisted director and voice directing maestro for AAA games. Drawing from his rich experiences with studios like Ubisoft and Warner Brothers Interactive, Daniel will offer a behind-the-scenes look at directing top-tier games.

He'll share his journey in directing audiobooks for the Harry Potter series and working with acclaimed actors like Eddie Redmayne. Expect invaluable advice for aspiring voice actors and insights into the intersection of gaming, acting, and storytelling from a seasoned industry expert.

This talk is a must-attend for anyone looking to understand the nuances of voice acting in today's top video games.

Join us on 28th February 2024

Don't miss this unique opportunity! Register now to gain invaluable insights from Daniel, a master of voice directing in AAA games and audiobooks.

It’s a free event, but please register here with Eventbrite.

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