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Maxim Reston

"BRAVA challenged me in ways I never was previously."

Maxim approached BRAVA as an experienced working voice actor, working on advanced narration, commercial and characters. With a strong acting background, Maxim is also fluent in French and Spanish, with a modern foreign languages degree from Oxford University.

Maxim also went on to train at the prestigious Ecole internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, and is a highly experienced physical theatre practitioner. We took all this experience and looked at how we could not only extend his incredible range and skills as a voice actor, but also how we could make Maxim’s proposition clearer, as an actor of the highest quality.

Maxim said:

Working with BRAVA…really challenged me to push my skills and aspirations, giving me the confidence to raise my ambitions far beyond where I was at the beginning of the course. I now come to auditions and jobs with a much greater degree of confidence in my skills, and the calibre of the jobs I have been doing since starting the course has increased as well.

I couldn't fault the BRAVA experience. Melissa has so much knowledge and experience of the industry, but is also clearly so passionate about coaching others to find success in their careers as well, and goes above and beyond to do so - it was clear that a huge deal of work had been done on her side before each lesson that was tailored to me specifically. Having done a fair few bits of coaching here and there in the past, I can say from experience that this is very rare! It is leagues ahead of other coaching options out there and well worth the time and money. I have been challenged and supported in ways I never was previously. `

The training has opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of VO across multiple sectors, and has also encouraged me to be more bold and creative with my career ambitions as a voice actor.

Thanks so much Melissa, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you these past months; I’ve learnt a huge amount and come away with a much clearer sense of confidence and purpose in my career. I look forward to continuing to be a part of the BRAVA community.

Melissa said:

Maxim is an actor of such class and quality that it has been a complete privilege to work with him over the last year. He has celebrated some incredible work across corporate, commercial and gaming and we look forward to his continued success. We have absolutely no doubt that he will continue to shine in his VO career.


VO - National Geographic

VO - Natwest


VO - Haemimont Games

VO - THQNordic

VO - Faidee

VO - Urbs

VO - The Leading Hotels of the World

VO - Pitstop Productions

VO - Resolution

VO - Astra Zeneca

VO - Dexcom

VO - Celebrity Cruises

VO - On the Rocks

VO - Janssen

VO - Unesco


VO - Financial Times

VO - InvestEngine

Maxim Reston
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